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If you want to know about me, feel free to read my sidebar with info on me as well as my profile for more info about me. One thing that you must know about me, I have a very strong opinion and I will voice it often. I don't care for most children, and will complain about them from time to time so be aware of that.

I'm a kind and caring individual. To the point where people tend to walk all over me because I don't put my foot down soon enough. Why you ask, because I give others plenty of chances (my friends say too many chances because I'm too nice of a person, maybe they're right) before they screw up and eventually piss me off. It takes a lot to anger me and get me mad. However, I won't put up with bullies or haters in my life so if you are that type of person please don't bother adding me because I don't want anything to do with you.

Please don't start drama, if you are drama whore and all you know how to do is create it, talk about it, live it and even try to start drama inside my journal I will ban you. Go take your negative trolling ways and go somewhere else because I do not need such negativity in my life. I don't need such childish behavior in my own private journal. If you want to do that sort of thing, check out the forums online there are plenty of places for you to go, but don't take it to my journal
! I'm not a bitch but I will not tolerate others treating me like crap, I'm no one's door mat!

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