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Birthdate:Dec 7
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America

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About Me:
My name is Jennifer, Married to grandgnu, been together for a long time and we've known each other since 1995, don't want kids (personal decision that everyone should make) & don't have any either. I'm a pretty sweet person, I love life and I love being happy. I'm pretty easy to make happy just give some penpals, paper, writing utensils and I'll make my own happiness.

I love to shop, I mean what girl doesn't?! It's load of fun to buy stuff for either yourself or others. The joy of finding something that you've always wanted or needed. I do my fair share of shopping but I really have to be in the mood but I also do my fair share of saving as well, I like to find a good balance between the both. I don't go crazy buying things unless it's HK and then it can get a bit crazy.

One thing that you MUST know about me, I am A HUGE Hello Kitty fan!! We're talking GIGANTIC! Put it this way, between the beginning of this year and last I've bought enough to last me 2 or 3 life times.
I don't just love hello kitty but I also collect her stuff too! I have everything of HK, I don't collect stationery but I do use a lot of it for my pen pal letters. I also collect stickers & not just HK ones either. I use them as well on my letters to brighten it up.

Another thing that you should know about me is that I'm a wonderful person and very caring. I do my best to make others feel happy and loved just by being my friend. I will do almost anything for a friend, and have. I'm caring when caring becomes too much!

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sadisticgallery: My gallery, it's where you find all my examples of things that I can do plus I'll post an entry from there asking if anyone wants anything. If you are a member of any of my communities join there so you can get those offers.

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