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Fill This Out!

Comments will be screened, I'm doing this to keep track of things please fill this out & thanks! Even if you're NOT my penpal, you can fill it out but ignore the other stuff about what to send you.

Everyone please fill this out, I have my reasons & this helps to get to know people on my list.
Please fill out this out:

I know that some of these are funny questions but I have my reasons for asking this stuff ^_^ Oh and just so the penpals know, I'm currently working the last 2 letters & I'll do my best this week to update my community

[ profile] jenns_pals Lastly, I'm adding ALL my penpals to my journal because there's stuff that I will putting in here for your info. You don't have to read EVERY entry but at least read the ones saying PENPALS!

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awe thanks, you'd like to be a penpal? I can do that!

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I actually filled this out for future reference. I do wanna be a penpal, but I can't until I'm 18...which is my next birthday. :] Is that okay?

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^_^ awe that's awesome!! sure i can wait!!! here's my email address for future reference and I'm giong to fill out the form too!!!! :D
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you didn't have to do this again, I posting it publicly so others can see it that aren't on my friends list

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*Giggles* I thought I did this. LOL! =)

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yes you did!!! ^_^ I was doign this for penpals that aren't added to my friends list

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I got you. Sorry, lack of sleep is getting to me. =)

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it's ok, i know the feeling been there

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Well, I'm glad I have someone to relate to.

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Hello, it's clana4_ever!
I have a new LJ, please add me ^^

PS - sending your letter soon!

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I was wondering whom this was ^_^ oh ok cool I'll add yah. YAY for the letter :D ♥