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RULES: 1) Talking: Donz talkz likez diz 2) Child Free: I don't like children nor do I want any so don't be shocked if I say a lot of bad things about them in this journal. 3) Very Opinionated: I'm a very opinionated person, if you don't like that sort of person than don't bother adding me 4) Bitching: If you don't like to read about a person bitch then don't bother adding me because I have a tendency of bitching a lot. 5) Penpaling: If you would like to penpals please comment saying so, check out my user info for more details on me. Banner Made by: Me

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That's a really nice friends only banner. :)

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thanks I didn't make it [ profile] miss_anya did :D

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Where did you get that picture from? It's so cute! I've seen a few more of these series but i can't seem to find any more since i don't know what they're called or who made them.

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[ profile] miss_anya made the icon/friends only banner but I found it on photobucket, just search for anime. I think it works for me being sadistic kitten and all

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Tried to comment to your replay and got this message "You have no permission to reply to this screened comment" ?? "hugs"

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that's because I didn't unscreen it

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Was just not sure, Thought i did the posting wrong.:)

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it's ok ^_^

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That's just too adorable! Awww.

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thanks, I love it too. She did a wonderful job on it.

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Your LJ looks amazing ♥
Add me back? :]
Im Jenny, 21, UK..
LOVE Hello Kitty, stationery, stickers, letters from penpals and we've loads more interests in common too :]
Would you like to be penpals with me too?
Email me if yes hehe..
Jen xxx

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I sure would love to be pals ^_^ that's awesome!!! Sorry just commented on your entry, I thought that we were pals by all the stuff that we have in common *laughs* I forget sometimes (currently have my husband's friends over & I'm out of it).

I'll email you now!

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That definitely is awesome :] thank you! <3 Hehe, bless you. Well we're pals now ;] im going to reply to your email in a second xxx

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^_^ you're welcome, thanks for finding me! ♥ thanks can't wait

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add me?? :)

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sure ^_^ just did!
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Re: Pick Up!! ^_^

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sorry about that, I've got it now *points to icon* it's freakin' hot in here and I've been staying off the computer. Totally forgot that I requested stuff. SOOO very sorry :( don't hate me
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Re: Pick Up!! ^_^

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I promise, just been so hot the past few days that I haven't felt like being on my computer. I'll do a better job at check my flist next time. Sorry again

In reply to a comment you left.

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do you have to put the button in your user info? I have a graphic community where I've got all my buttons, can I put it there instead? Just curious.

Sure can... I'm not fussy about WHERE it goes, as long as it's somewhere where people can see it! :-)

Re: In reply to a comment you left.

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thanks much appreciated ^_^ I'll put it in [ profile] prettypixel asap! Thanks again

Pick up @ Graphical Masquerade

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I re made it. Thanks for letting me know. I deleted your posts in the graphic site, by accident so I looked you up :)

This one should work. Enjoy.

Image (

Re: Pick up @ Graphical Masquerade

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thanks much appreciated, I was trying to add it and it wouldn't let me. No worries & thanks for this ^_^
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always nice to have new friends, yes sure you may add me ^_^