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sadistic_kitten ([personal profile] sadistic_kitten) wrote2009-09-25 03:16 am

Promotion Time

Join a great community run by great people!

[ profile] wickpixgraphics comment here saying that you've joined!

If you love HELLO KITTY or Sanrio related graphics please join [ profile] sadistic_treats I make there and ALL my graphics are UNLIMITED! I don't just make HK/Sanrio stuff I also make everything else in between. Curious what I make? Join! Currently running a promotion contest with TONS of prizes!

Also, I run another community [ profile] stardust_twink this is where other makers are there to create special items for you to request and enjoy. It is an adult community, meaning please don't join if you are not 18 years old. I will be checking to make sure that you are of age when I accept you as a member. If you don't have it displayed you will NOT be accepted. Promotion contest is also running and you can win great prizes!