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Hi! I have just added you to my f-list - you sound like a nice and cool person to get to know! :O)

Feel free to add me back if you want - new friends are always welcome! :O)

Have a nice day!

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^_^ awe thanks that's so sweet of you ♥ yes I'd love to add you back & thanks for the compliment

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Hey sweetie I'd like to get to know you better if you wouldn't mind? ;) Ive added you to my personal journal and was wondering if youd like to add me back? If you need to know more info just check out my profile page.

If you love graphics and blinkies, and I think you do I co-own [ profile] wickpixgraphics (Mel, the owner does the accepting/denying) I own and run my own gallery/comm [ profile] xpixie_palacex and I just started a new INVITE ONLY community called [ profile] taintedxangels if you would like to become a member there. If you choose to be a member, take a moment to fill out the application so that the other owner knows I invited you so she can accept you right away if I dont get a chance to get online. :)

You sound like a really nice person, and thats why I would like to add you. My little LJ family are a bunch of wonderful people as well. :)

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I was wondering at first, whom is this?! Then I noticed that you were friends with Jessica (which is why I added you to [ profile] sadistic_treats because like yours, it's invitation only. I only add people that I am friends with, people whom are friends with me or others that I know & trust from communities.
And I'd love to become a maker anywhere ^_^ I make for [ profile] solaris_designs and want to make other places as well. I hope that you enjoy my journal! ^_^ thanks again for adding me!
awe that's sweet of you to say!

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Hey hun did you try joining [ profile] taintedxangels again? Not sure what happened there last time.
We are looking for makers over at [ profile] wickpixgraphics I co-own that community. ;) If you go to the profile page you'll see the link for the application. ;)

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I just added myself to the list now :(
I definately will do that, I'd love to be a maker ^_^ ♥ *hugs* always looking to share my stuff with others.